Google Pixel tablet new launch in next year

Google Pixel tablet new launch in next year
When the iPad was launched at the turn of the last decade, there wasn’t an Android OEM worth their salt that didn’t try to replicate a tablet to rival Apple. The result? The market was strewn with corpses of Android tablets all over. Now, Google wants to make an attempt once again – it burnt its fingers with the Nexus tablet and Pixel slate earlier – and now it is bringing the Pixel tablet soon.
At the I/O 2022 event, Google announced the new Pixel tablet, due to launch sometime in 2023. Not much is known about the Pixel tablet or whatever it ends up being called, but Google did share that its in-house Tensor chip will power the upcoming tablet. It’s not clear whether it would be the second generation Tensor chip under the hood or if Google would put a newer third-gen Tensor chip inside the tablet. Also, unlike the Pixel Slate, the new Pixel tablet will run Android, not ChromeOS.


Google outdid the tipsters once again as it shared the first glimpse of the tablet months before its launch. At the first look, you can see white bezels running around the corner, and they are noticeable but still slimmer than the bezels on the iPad. Then there is a single camera module on the back, and the pastel-coloured rear panel flushes softly towards the edges. Well, it looks more like a Nest device than a tablet, so it could very well be the detachable Nest Hub everyone was talking about. That might explain the magnetic connector at the back.
We don’t know what it will be called or when it will be available to purchase. But, with the new additions to Android and the announcement of its own tablet, Google is hoping to bring back the excitement to this segment again.